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Did you miss this? Interest-free, In-house Financing Available to TechLaunch your HVAC Career

You’ve decided to invest in a career that will provide for you and your family throughout your life: HVACR. Smart move. Now to make it happen.

HVACRedu.net is an excellent choice for the training you need (if we do say so

man at computerourselves). Our programs are delivered entirely online, allowing you to keep your current job, work through your chosen program at your own pace and fit your studies around your work schedule. Because you don’t have to sacrifice your current income to learn what you need to know, you have the freedom to begin training for a new career in a way that fits into your life.

Our online HVACR TechLaunch program is reasonably priced (less than you would pay for a semester at a community college). With over 270 hours of instruction, it’s a comprehensive program encompassing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.  It is specifically structured to provide a well-rounded introduction to the basic skills of HVACR installers and technicians. Depending on how much time you can devote to the training, you could complete it in as little as 17 weeks, or take up to a maximum of approximately 28 months. Your program, your pace.

HVAC tech launching like a rocket

The TechLaunch program includes everything you need: an orientation to online learning, a student handbook, an industry standard required textbook, sixteen extensive online courses, and access to an instructor team available by email, phone, Skype, and online chat. When you finish the program, you’ll be issued a voucher covering the cost of a National HVACR Core Exam, and a voucher for the EPA 608 Refrigeration Handling Exam.  We’ll even help you arrange a place and time for those exams in your area.

dollar signBut it gets better. We now have available a choice of no-interest payment plans that will make the cost of your career education fit into the tightest budget. Though the entire TechLaunch program is priced at only $2295, when you pay a one-time $100 processing fee you can choose to spread out the cost of the program over 6 months, 12 months, or even 18 months. Monthly payments will range from $131 per month up to $400, depending on how many months you choose. You pick whether to pay by scheduled electronic funds transfer, credit card or debit card.

Free Download: for more complete information about HVACR as a career choice, job prospects, and details about our TechLaunch program, download our Career Information Kit.

If you have questions, we want to answer them. Please contact us by phone, email, or chat and we’ll be happy to fill in any gaps that will help you make the best decisions for your career and your life.

Email: techlaunch@hvacredu.net

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It’s Not Rocket Science, it’s Applied Math

By Chris Compton and LeeAnn Bonds
Technician with Gauge and WrenchA qualified technician (a valuable commodity today) needs to get a grip on math skills. The firmer the grip, the better. The day to day job of an HVACR technician involves performing calculations and taking accurate measurements. Being able to perform basic math functions (such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) is a key factor in becoming a successful HVACR technician. The key word here is successful! What’s required to get there isn’t rocket science, just reasonable math skills. However, having to subtract fractions or divide decimal numbers on the fly might put you in a sweat if you haven’t done it in a while.
The concept to focus on is the critical math functions for your work, otherwise math is just a hobby. For that, you can take up Sudoku or KenKen. But if you want to polish up your math skills in a way that will help you on the job, our Applied Math Review is the game for you. It is designed to break you back math symbols in a boxinto math consciousness in case you have been away from it for a while, as most of us have. It’s a great basic review of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, as it is done with whole numbers, common fractions, and decimal fractions.
The exercises in the Review use industry applications rather than shopping or speeding trains. Each section features step by step instructions and several exercises to practice on. As you work through the exercises, you’ll get immediate feedback on how well you have a particular skill nailed down. Each section finishes with an exam, and when you complete the review you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

As you progress in your HVACR career, you will find that most of the math is done for you as you use the wide array of instrumentation now available to the technical workforce. When you do need to do a sophisticated calculation, there is probably an app that will do it for you, if you can input your measurements correctly. As always, garbage in = garbage out. Working in the field as an entry level or intermediate technician, you will not be doing a lot of hard math.

However, successful Senior Level technicians, the ones that make the big bucks, are usually very good on their math game and have higher level number skills. Again, the key word is successful. You definitely want to be in that category. So shine up your skills with our Applied Math Review, and check out other online math resources such as Math.com and KhanAcademy.org. Then when you’re a ninja cartoonnumbers ninja, get really scary with the 24 Game or Daily Feynman Long Division Puzzles. Before long you’ll have a death grip on those math skills. They’ll be screaming for mercy…

Enrollment Dates Approaching for HVACR Apprentice Related Online Training

By Patty Leiser and LeeAnn Bonds

Apprentice Announcement

HVACRedu.net’s online HVACR Apprenticeship Related Training is the only ANSI Accredited apprenticeship training program in the country.

This four year program serves as the related training/educational component of registered apprenticeship programs. But many employers find it a valuable way to provide on-the-job training to new employees, even when not used as part of a registered apprenticeship program. By the way, we are happy to offer assistance registering your apprenticeship program with our online training in your state. Please contact Patricia at 888-655-4822 Ext 1123, or email apprentice@hvacredu.net for help with this.

Excellent Content

Over 150 hours of instruction are included in each year’s scope and sequence.

  • Year 1 covers Safety, Basic Construction Math, Hand and Power Tools, Intro to Applied Science, Energy Sources, Intro to Code, Fuel Piping, Venting, and a soft skills Customer Service course.
  • Year 2 takes the student through Intro to Blue prints, Appliance Installation, Heat Loads, Indoor Air Quality, and two Electrical courses.
  • Year 3 expands to AC and Refrigeration, Air Flow and Duct Sizing, Hydronics, Controls, Sheet Metal, and a more extensive Service course.
  • Year 4 students finish with Testing & Air Balance, Control Strategies, Advanced AC & Heat Pump, Systems Integration, Project Management, an Advanced Service course, and a comprehensive Code Review.

That’s more than 610 hours all told, of high quality, convenient online education. Explore more at https://hvacredu.net/programs/apprenticeship/

Easy Scheduling

All courses in the program have slated start and end dates on a revolving schedule. Students may enter the program at the beginning of any course. The cohort setting means students interact with others taking the same course at the same time, building relationships in the group and with the instructors as they participate in weekly discussion posts.

Within an individual course enrollment period, students can work at their own pace around their work schedules. The courses are available 24/7. The weekly requirement to take part in discussions keeps students engaged and motivated.

Expert Instructors

All courses are guided by qualified industry experts. Members of the instructor team monitor student progress, answer questions as they arise, moderate the discussions, and guide students to ensure timely progress through and successful completion of their courses.

Our Apprenticeship program courses align with the US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Guidelines. If you have a registered apprenticeship program and are interested in connecting with our training, please contact us. It’s easy to transfer your apprentices into our online related training even if you already have a program in place.

If you don’t have an apprenticeship program, but you do have employees who need HVACR training, contact us to explore how our Apprentice Related Online Training can help you reach your company’s training goals.

To register now, go to main.hvacrstore.net/Apprenticeship.c2.htm

Patricia Leiser 888-655-4822 Ext 1123